Manage Channels

To manage and edit channel, go to Channels tab and tap on the channel you would like to manage/edit. Besides the info tab of the channel, you can also view engagements tab.

Tap on the edit channel on the top right-hand corner to change channel properties (e.g. welcome message, age restriction, links, etc.).

Once in edit mode, you will go through the same steps as you did for making your channel. While in edit mode you will have┬áthe ‘publish’ or ‘unpublish option in the top right corner. Just tap and confirm this option to change the visibility of your channel.

Channel QR

On Info tab you can also view and show your channel QR code for following. Just tap on the QR icon in a top right-hand corner of Channels info tab and your code will be displayed. Once displayed you can also share it and even print QR for display.