Chat statuses & management

Chats can be:

  • Active
  • Unanswered (waiting to be taken by any of the agents)

Finished (user received info and conversation has been closed by the shown customer care agent)

Chat management

Once you have enabled chat, you will start receiving chat requests. Chats are always initiated by your followers. If you want, you can engage them using different engagements (check next sections such as Message, Promo, Coupons, etc.)

Here you can find all chat conversations between your followers and your customer care agents.

FInish conversation

Customer care can at any time finish conversations with end users (once they have responded to all their questions) by clicking on the Finish conversation button on the top right corner of the chat thread window.

the end user sends you back new message, a conversation will go back to the Unanswered status and will be there until you take and finish the conversation.