Change partnership package

Click on “Change your package”, you will see the list of all available partnership packages.

Your current package will be presented. Select one of the other available packages to change your partnership package.

Once requested, you will have to wait for Tenant approval. During that time, you will still have access to your partnership package and features that are available inside it.

If you downgrade your package (e.g. lose coupon functionality by changing to lower package), all your existing coupons will be archived and unavailable for the end users.

Some packages can require you to lower a number of active engagements (e.g. smaller package allows you to have only 3 active coupons at one time). In that scenario, be sure to leave a maximum 3 active coupons before you try to request a new partnership package since your request will not be valid.

You will receive an email notification once your request has been approved or rejected by the Tenant.