Message navigation buttons

During the entire process of creating a message, you have multiple options displayed on the bottom of the wizard that help you navigate and change the status of your message:

  • Save – saves data that is entered to that moment
  • Back – move to the previous step in the message creation wizard
  • Next – move to the next step in the message creation wizard
  • “←” (back arrow) – this option returns you to the main menu and disregards all changes.


Notice 1: the message can be deleted only in a draft or pending approval stage. Once deleted, the message disappears from your list of messages.

When you reach the last step Create option appears. Create option makes your message active or scheduled depending on the start date and time you chose or pending approval if you had selected broadcast to all app users.

Once message becomes active, option Disable appears (in edit mode). Disable allows you to temporarily disable your message and make it unavailable for the end users. Once disabled, a message can be re-enabled by pressing an Enable button.

Notice 2: a message is automatically moved to status finished once the message reaches the end date. Finished messages are displayed in your list of all messages.

Notice 3: once you have request broadcast message to all app users and tenant has approved it, a message cannot be edited. A message can only be disabled from that point.