Manage promos

Visit Engagements tab where you will find all your engagements.

Tap on Promo section, from where you will be able to access all your promos. Click on the promo you would like to preview or edit.

Basic analytics show how many people, out of all the people you have sent the promo to had opened it. To access detailed analytics, please visit tab Analytics, section Promos.

You can edit promos from this page simply by pressing edit icon on the right. Use navigation buttons to submit or dismiss changes as well as to enable or disable promos.

You can also edit your promo directly from Engagements tab, after tapping on the promos, and then on the icon on the right-hand corner, from where you can also reorder your promos by taping on ‘Set Position’ button.

Set position

Enter position number to set specific place in a section for this engagement. If you enter the same number for more than one engagement, they will be ordered by last updated time.

Notice: once you have request broadcast promo to all app users and tenant has approved it, promo cannot be edited. Promo can only be disabled from that point.