Channel Tab


Channel represents your brands’ personal space within the Loving My Customers. It holds all your engagements and content for your users to see, like your brand name, brand logo, banners, coupons, promos, messages, etc.  Through channel, you can engage Loving My Customers end users using the engagements available inside your partnership package.

  • End users of the system can follow and interact with the content of your channel
  • You can engage end users through your channel(s)

On your channel page, end users can access all active engagements that you have created. You can manage the channel engagements, manage your channel look & feel, reorder sections in your channel, etc.

In addition, on your channel end users can:

  • access all messages sent to them by you, and if you enable it, to send their response back to you 
  • access their personal QR code (use it to redeem coupons and earn points from your loyalties)
  • unfollow your channel, invite to follow your channel or disable notifications

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